How to make Espresso

Preparing espresso needs art and patient, don’t expect to have a great shot from the first one, preparing it needs time to master, and it defers from bean to another. At the end you should have a shot with balanced acidity, sweet with good body.

The extraction should be 20-30 ml in 20-30 seconds.


What do you need?


  1. Coffee
  2. Espresso machine
  3. Grinder
  4. Timer
  5. Tamper
  6. Portafilter
  7. Scale
  8. Shot glass



First Step:

Put the coffee in the portafilter basket, the amount depends on the basket you are using +- 1 gram.

How to make Espresso

Second Step:

Open the water from the group head for few seconds.

How to make Espresso

Third Step:

Be sure the coffee surface is even before tamping it.


Fourth Step:

Put the portafilter on an even surface then tamp the coffee evenly with a strength between 9-13.5 kg (you can use a regular scale to be sure).

How to make Espresso

Fifth Step:

Spin the tamper to polish the surface for an even extraction.


Sixth Step:

Attach the portafilter in the group head and turn on the machine (the pressure should be 9 bar).

How to make Espresso

Seventh Step:

The coffee should be dripping slowly at first then accelerate, it should be dark brown at first then slowly turns yellow, remember you need 20-30 ml in 20-30 seconds, if the coffee reaches 30 ml in less than 20 seconds then your grind is too course and if your coffee is less than 20 ml in 30 seconds then your grind is too fine.

Remember that you are looking for a balanced acidity, sweet with good body.

How to make Espresso

How to make Espresso



How to make Espresso



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