Filter Type

7- Filter type:

Filters have no affect on the extraction itself, but you wouldn’t like to drink coffee with grounds going through to your mouth with every sip. Filters can be made from different materials like nylon, cotton, paper, stainless-steel...etc.

They are usually divided to two types; metal and nonmetal.

The metal filters are just screens with tiny holes. Usually coffee brewed with them will have some amount of particulate and solutes, which is not something you fined with coffee brewed with nonmetal filters. Also metal filters allow more oil to go throw, and that’s not the case with nonmetal filters. The coffee brewed with metal filters will have more intense bodies and somewhat different flavor than the nonmetal. However, there should be no metallic taste on the brew when using metal filters.

Nonmetal filters capture all the fine particles, as well as some solutes, particularly oil. Using nonmetal filters will give you a coffee with lower body and a clear taste.

Depending on the filter type it could leave a taste of cloth or paper which requires washing the filter before use to reduce that implanted flavor.

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