Coffee Extraction

What does chemistry have to do with coffee? that’s an important question, because making coffee is all about chemistry. So before answering that ...

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Coffee Roasting

After coffee is harvested, processed, rested and shipped to the customer (Marid Coffee), it goes through the next step which is roasting. It’s one of the most fascinating aspects of the coffee industry.

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Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee is a category of coffee that is the product of specific geographic micro-climates that has unique and pleasant flavor profile. Coffee beans go through several stages until they turn to the drink in your cup.

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Coffee Processing

Coffee processing is when green coffee beans are removed from the fruit, dried and are prepared  for transport.

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We've been raised with a thought that coffee is a dark powder we find in a can, forgetting it's actually a fruit that grows on trees. With that in mind it's important to know where the coffee beans grow, different regions and climates means different beans and different taste.

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